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Title Date
Oxford University Badminton Club, Badminton Club, 2nd Team 1978 1978
12 Logistics Support Regiment, 12 Logistic Support Regiment(2nd)the Royal Logisti, Corps (3rd) Merton Field Oxford University 2009 2nd September 2009
Advanced Leadership Development, University Of Oxford(2nd) Advanced Leadership, Development Programme(3rd) 30th October 2006 30th October 2006
Bagley Wood Lodge, The Martin Family Reunion, Oxford, 2008 12th July 2008
Bahraini Diplomats, University Of Oxford 1996-97 8th November 1996
Balliol College, John Bowerman, Oxford Ophthalmologiccal Congress 9th July 2002
Bhf-bssa Group, Bssa 81st Oxford Summer School 2010 22nd August 2010
Blackfriars, Oxford University Blackfriars Hall, 2005/2006 31st May 2006
Blackfriars, Oxford University - Blackfriars Jcr, 2006 - 2007 15th June 2007
Bna Symposium, Oxford University, Bna Symposium 1987 1987
Brasenose College, Phoenix Common Room 1984, Oxford Florida Summer School 1984
Brasenose College, Oxford Business & Economical Programme Group 2002
Brasenose College, University Of Oxford (2nd Line) Engineering, Science Graduates (3rd Line) 2010 21st May 2010
British Independent Retailers Assoc, 82nd Oxford Summer School 2011 21st August 2011
British Independent Retailers Assoc, Oxford Summer School Academy 2012 19th August 2012
British Shops & Stores, Oxford Summer School Diamond Jubliee 1989, (see Neg For Rest Of Title) 1989
British Shops & Stores, Bssa 61st Oxford Summer School 1990 1990
British Shops And Stores Assoc., Bssa 62nd Oxford Summer School 1991 1991
British Shops And Stores Assoc., Bssa 64th Oxford Summer School 1993 22nd August 1993
British Shops And Stores Assoc., Bssa 65th Oxford Summer School 1994 21st August 1994
British Shops And Stores Assoc., Bssa 66th Oxford Summer School 1995 20th August 1995
British Shops And Stores Assoc., Bssa 67th Oxford Summer School 1996 18th August 1996
British Shops And Stores Assoc., Bssa 68th Oxford Summer School 1997 17th August 1997
British Shops And Stores Assoc., Bssa 69th Oxford Summer School 16th August 1998